• Building & developing each childsince 1986

    • Since its establishment last 1986, Early Achievers' Learning Center has put the child as the center of its educational mission.

      Launched since 2010, the elementary level continues the commitment of child-centered education aside from the schools’ nursery and kindergarten classes. It introduced an innovative approach that will promote the individual development of each child, different from the popular methods used in the big schools today, brought by School of Tomorrow┬«, Philippines.

  • Enrol your child to the Remote Blended Learning Program (RBL)

    A program suited for distance learning in time of Covid-19
  • EALC has always believed that every child is gifted with unique talents and abilities. Similar to its preschool program, its grade school program will be focused on exposing and enhancing these gifts. The child discovers that learning is fun and exciting. EALC recognizes that each child is born with the potential to achieve academic excellence regardless of their differences in their abilities. We don’t just help students manage through their studies, we help them lead and achieve.

    • Develop Christian values

      EALC is a center for learning which aims to develop the child’s Christian values, and his intellectual socio-emotional and physical skills. It provides learning materials and equipment appropriate for the wholistic development of the child. It provides space for both indoor and outdoor play, a resource center full of books, educational toys and toys for dramatic play.

    • School of Tomorrow┬« System

      School of Tomorrow is an international academic program that takes pride of its professional expertise in curriculum, recognized by the Department of Education. SOT combines the elements of traditional classroom teaching and individualized learning. It is equipped with learning tools that are integrated and enriched by computer technology and a sophisticated multimedia system. Not only does its lessons focus on academic content, it also upholds values formation and character building in a distinctively disciplined environment.

    • Benefits of S.O.T.┬«

      The benefits of the SOT system are recognized globally. The students emerge as outstanding learners who are prepared in life. The SOT system has taken the conventional textbook and divided it into bite-sized, achievable work text called PACEs. The contents of the textbooks are carefully designed to develop thinking skills and create mastery learning. Students begin their work by noting their goals and the concepts that they have to learn. From the very beginning of each page, students know what is expected and they assume responsibility for their own learning.

    • Learning is based on individual's pace & mastery

      Unlike big schools, learning is based on the individual’s pace and mastery and not by outlines or curricula that are restricted by time periods. Learning is made even more interesting by their illustrated work texts, which serve to keep the study experience engaging. The students are given check-ups, self-tests, and practice tests to help them evaluate themselves and determine their readiness for the PACE test. The PACE test objectively measures the student’s mastery of the material.