About Us

Learn about the Ealc way of learning
  • EALC has been offering progressive preschool and K-6 programs for more than 3 decades.

    It is a dynamic organization headed by a team of Chinese-Filipino and Filipino Educators.
  • Children learn best in the Progressive way of teaching.

    Why? For years, we have discussed it in lecture sessions, witnessed its effectivity during practicum hours in graduate schools and early childhood education seminars and experienced it in our classrooms. We saw it before our very eyes as a moving force behind the learning of very young children.
  • Dedicated classrooms with top skilled educators.

    EALC provides a conducive environment carefully planned by curriculum coordinators and teachers well-trained in early childhood education to meet the needs of the individual child.
  • By making children learn not only the letters and numbers, but also songs, dances and meaningful activities, we develop not only their skills but also their creativity, their belief in themselves and their love for learning.

    — Mrs. Norma Ong Ching, Directress
  • Remote learning in the time of Covid-19 pandemic is essential as to reinforce every child's learning.

    For the students to be well adjusted in the remote and blended learning for the new school year, we will be utilizing the features of Google Classroom and Zoom.
  • Enrol your child at any Early Achievers' branches near you.

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    • Pre-School

      The progressive method of learning which EALC advocates is simply child-centered.

    • Elementary (G1-G6)

      Ealc offers child-centered education in its elementary levels with the use of School of Tomorrow® System

    • Early Intervention Program

      We offer alternative programs for ADHD & Neurodiverse students.

    • Distant Learning thru Remote Classes

      Due to Covid-19 pandemic, Ealc offers Virtual classes for reinforced remote learning.

    • 𝐒𝐎𝐓® (School of Tomorrow) Mode

      Develop your child’s Christian values through School of Tomorrow method.

    • Eye Level & Tutor Time

      Ealc offers after-school programs with Eye Level instruction as well as after-school support program called Tutor Time & Chinese Mandarin Easy.