Eye Level

Eye Level is an after-school program for Math and English designed to develop analytical thinking and logical reasoning while enjoying learning at the same time. “After school” because it is designed to supplement formal schooling, not replace it.

It has systematically composed teaching materials that empower children to work and learn independently with minimal reliance on teachers.


The Eye Level Math materials are aligned with the Global Math curricula that nurture problem-solving and reasoning skills, as recommended by the U.S. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Eye Level Math fully embraces all three areas of Mathematics study: understanding, practice, and application. With an emphasis placed on the understanding of the very basic foundations of Mathematics before practicing and furthermore guiding students through many practical and everyday applications of it, students learn to think and speak Mathematics with fun and ease.

Unlike other supplementary programs, Eye Level Math cultivates critical and logical thinking that nurtures problem solving capabilities through mastery of mathematical thinking.


The Eye Level English aims to help students master English systematically through enhancing the target language use and usage. Eye Level English was designed, based on four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This develops the areas of literacy and literature in a balanced way.

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