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E.nopi is an international supplementary program for Math and English.  It does not only enhance your kid’s academic skills but develops their sense of independence and confidence as well.  All of this is gained through a process of eye-level learning that teaches kids at a pace comfortable for them.

This September, E.nopi is launching a national campaign for a 2-WEEK FREE STUDY program for children who want to experience the wonders of E.nopi.  Just call or drop by our centers for a FREE diagnostic test and attend the parent orientation, so that your kids can enjoy two weeks of regular E.nopi study.

Call us now!

Bel-Air  895-7881;  Congressional  569-3802;  Del Monte  412-8572;  Greenhills  727-9551;  Ongpin  545-4650;  Sgt. Rivera  365-2424

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One Response


    Would like to know the following:

    1. Can a 3-year old and a 5-year old already enroll in E.nopi?
    2. How much is the monthly fee?
    3. Do you have a Sat or Sun sked?


    Von and Elaine Katindoy

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